Wolesi Jirga & Provincial Council Elections
Afghanistan 2005 Elections
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NURISTAN Wolesi Jirga Stats

Total Seats: 2
Women's Seats: 1

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Wolesi Jirga Results

By Vote Order
Progress of Audited Results  100.0%
Result Status: Certified Results

Ballot Order Candidate Votes Percentage
18 حاجى داد محمد خان Haji Dad Mohammad Khan 12,659 15.9%
23 مولوى احمد الله موحد Mawlawi Ahmadullah Mohed 10,399 13.1%
20 فضل احد مسلم Fazal Ahmad Moslem 7,223 9.1%
15 انجينر امير جان نورستانى Engineer Amirjan Nooristani 6,522 8.2%
14 محمد اکبر غرزى Mohammad Akbar Gharzai 4,736 6.0%
2 الحاج عبدالصبور توحيدى Al-haj Abdul Saboor Tawhidi 4,663 5.9%
13 حوا علم نورستانى Hawa Alam Nooristani 4,468 5.6%
1 الحاج جنرال محمد سرور خان Al-haj General Mohammad Sarwar Khan 4,175 5.3%
11 محمد يوسف نورستانى Mohammad Yosouf Nooristani 4,014 5.1%
3 وکيل غلام سخى Wakil Ghulam Sakhi 3,924 4.9%
7 محمد ناصر خان امين Mohammad Naser Khan Amin 3,599 4.5%
10 سيد بى بى موحد Sayyad Bibi Mohed 2,269 2.9%
24 نجيبه نورستانۍ Najiba Nooristani 2,235 2.8%
21 داکتر وکيل Doctor Wakil 1,922 2.4%
5 محمد هاشم Mohammad Hashem 1,645 2.1%
8 مدير محمد حيدر الينائى Mudeer Mohammad Haidar Alinai 1,554 2.0%
19 عبدالحى ورشان Abdulhay Roshan 1,104 1.4%
4 بى بى گلالئ نورستانى Bibi Gulalai Nooristani 699 0.9%
12 حبيبه نورستانى Habiba Nooristani 537 0.7%
22 محمد موسى مدنى Mohammad Mosa Madani 520 0.7%

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  Valid Votes 79,451 99.5%
  Invalid Votes 216 0.3%
  Blank Ballots 198 0.2%
  Total Votes 79,865

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Meshrano Jirga
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Wolesi Jirga & Provincial Council Elections

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Wolesi Jirga & Provincial Council Elections

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Wolesi Jirga & Provincial Council Elections

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Note: Progress of Audited Results. The Progress of Audited Results indicated is lower than the actual percentage of the ballots counted in the Counting Centers. This is due to the time-lag between completing the counting of a batch and the data entry and audit process in JEMBS HQ.
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